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Norwegian language training and social studies

Do you or someone you know need to learn Norwegian? Then you can join a Norwegian course at Ulstein kompetansesenter in Ulsteinvik. 


Who can start?

Are you aged between 16 and 67 and cannot speak Norwegian, or need to improve your Norwegian? Please contact us to get information about our classes.

We have students from different backgrounds: some pay for the classes or get support from their workplace or NAV, while others have the right to free tuition. You can read more about the rights and obligations at or


At what level do you want to start?

We have students and exams on all levels:

  • Adult literacy (alfabetisering)
  • Beginner (A1)
  • Basic (A2)
  • Independent (B1)
  • Independent (B2)

For more information on the levels. 

When do we have Norwegian classes?

We have classes in the mornings from 8.30 till 12.00. We can offer classes online or at other times if there are enough candidates. Please contact us as for further information (see contact information below).


What exams do we arrange?

We arrange the following exams at least three times a year:

  • Norwegian oral and written (digital) on the levels A1/A2, A2/B1 and B1/B2
  • Social studies in your own language
  • Test for Norwegian citizenship (in Norwegian) 

You can read more about registration, rules and levels here.


To apply for a course or get more information

Contact Mali Åm on the phone or email (see information below), visit us at Ulstein kompetansesenter, Reiten 22. Ulsteinvik (see the map below), or fill out this online form (only in Norwegian).



Mali Åm
inspektør og avdelingsleiar kompetansesenteret
Telefon 70 01 77 80
Mobil 476 35 253